“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Interactions matter.

Excess Noise

Our expertise:

  • Perception: How people perceive a leader, a product, a service or any other offer or message
  • Ergonomics: How people interact with objects and spaces
  • Behaviorism: What people’s behavior says about their intent
  • Impact Optimization: Optimization of the communications supply chain including policies, procedures and resources

We understand.

Understanding which stimuli affect popularity, purchases, donations or votes is critical. How do you decipher and improve these stimuli?


Our public and private sector clients use our proprietary Communications and Perception Analysis methods to analyze the perception of their entity, leadership, offer or messaging.


Our expertise in ergonomics provides insight into human interaction with both objects and spaces.


Using behaviorism theories and observation, we decipher people’s intent based on their actions and interactions.


Separately, or in tandem with any analysis, we use Communications Supply Chain Optimization to improve the efficiency and impact of communications processes by examining internal and outsourced communications means and methods.

We are objective.

Leaders and staff are too close to their own actions resulting in biased, subjective analysis. As an external third party, Excess Noise fine tunes interactions objectively.

We are concise.

Gone are the days of producing 200-page reports because that’s what our client expected. Excess Noise delivers verifiable evidence, necessary interpretation and relevant recommendations and we do so concisely.

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