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Definitions for those who work in communications and perception



At its simplest, an election is a decision-making process that allows citizens to elect their government representatives. Elections are also used in business and institutions to elect board members. A referendum, some would argue, is akin to an election; instead of electing a person, you are casting your vote for a process or other systemic outcome. As regards Communications and Perception Analysis, an election is a process that makes appeals to people’s reasoning but also to their emotions. An election includes the presentations of fact but also of circumstantial empathy. I, the official, understand your needs and can respond to them. An election, clearly, is among the most relevant uses of Analysis. It helps campaign managers to identify how a given target group perceives messages, the candidate and the ecosystem in which the candidate is campaigning.

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This glossary of definitions is not intended as an academic reference. It is an exercise in thinking on our part. We hope to grow it and welcome any suggestions you may have.