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Definitions for those who work in communications and perception


We all enjoy television programs, films and music. We enjoy a celebratory parade or fireworks. But entertainment is also a very effective form of communications. For centuries, entertainment has been used to influence both the masses and individuals. Leaders have used celebration to reinforce their political power. In modern times, one need look no further than North Korea whose million spectator events are straightforward propaganda.

From an analysis standpoint, entertainment can be a very complex challenge. Entertainment appeals to all our perception filters including hardwiring, imprinting, interference and effect. Even more complex, is the image analysis of a celebrity entertainer. Clearly, there are some first level messages that might seem obvious. But the second level and beyond can provide even the most seasoned analyst with multiple analysis scenarios.

Excess Noise principals have had the privilege of working with several dignitaries and celebrities giving us the bragging rights to assert the aforementioned challenges.

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This glossary of definitions is not intended as an academic reference. It is an exercise in thinking on our part. We hope to grow it and welcome any suggestions you may have.