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Definitions for those who work in communications and perception


We all act. We do so constantly. Our acts range from washing our hands to getting a divorce. The sum of what we have perceived throughout the course of a lifetime completed by the actions that have ensued, is our lifelong experience spectrum.

That feeling of accomplishment is the desired goal of every message. We hope to impart a message that results in a sense of experience. Note that this sense of experience is not always a favorable one. Not all experiences are good or do good. Some can be downright horrific. Regardless, experience completes the cycle that began with a set of signals.

As communicators, our goal is to form mental concepts that result in experiences.

Experience is also a form of dissemination. When you act, those around you are made aware of your decision. In a world where we focus of the viral aspects of the Internet, we, as communicators, must not forget that experiential virality is its most potent form. In fact, by its very definition, experiential virality is the top of the pyramid with online virality being a subset.

As communicators we must also be conscious of various attributes of an experience. Experience can have a time component; some experiences are momentary, others last years. Experience can have an adrenalin component but it can also be the simple act of turning off a light switch to save energy.

Why is all this important to a communicator or a communications analyst?

Differing actions and experiences dictate different messages. You will not succeed in getting someone to vote for a political candidate the way you might get them to buy a soft drink. This may seem so obvious and yet, communicators do not understand the gravitas of the decision moment sufficiently. They do not understand the variations in experience intensity.

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