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Analysis Tools

Communications analysts use tools. These analysis tools are used to analyze a message’s goals, its physical properties, its relevance to trends, its bearing on human attitudes, needs and desires and ultimately: the message’s overall impact.

The extent and detail of the analysis will determine which tools are selected. Will it be a basic, preliminary analysis? Localized or global? The focused analysis of a single signal, one message or a complete overview? Will it be a one-time analysis, periodic or ongoing?

The following Communications and perception analysis tools, together or individually, make up a comprehensive analysis procedure. They are an integral part of analysts’ training.

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The term Analyst is a shortened form of Communications Analyst or Communications and Perception Analyst. Continue Reading

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Awareness is a state of continuous cognizance. We are receiving a set of signals which, over time paint a scene in our minds. Cognizance is only as good as your sensory abilities. To a deaf person, the advertisement’s jingle or the shopping mall’s background music is useless; it is not a part of the communications… Continue Reading

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