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Business Card

To print or not to print? And if we print, how many?

The business card has come a long way. It began as a simple calling card. One engraved one’s name, and nothing else, unless one was of nobility in which case one added a crest. Then came the corporate business card with logo, address and telephone number. By the seventies, business cards had become tools for expression. Their forms and designs multiplied exponentially. That was until the desktop publishing revolution at which time the exponential become sidereal.

Then came… the internet! Everything was online. We added our website and email address, then our Twitter, Facebook, Skype and other social media handles or account names.

The question now is, do we still need cards? We can bump our information from one phone to another or simply email each other all the info. Is the business card, in print form, passé? Clearly, with the older generation it is not. As soon as they create a company or get a promotion they want their new cards. But the younger generation is not quite as quick to get theirs printed. They will worry more about their online presence than they will about some piece of paper.

Are you a business card type person?

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