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Excess Noise, LLC is a Maryland-based corporation.

We are a high-level boutique consulting firm built by preeminently qualified communications and perception analysts situated in the Washington DC area, Vancouver, Toronto and Geneva. Our accomplished analysts have provided critical guidance to United Nations Secretaries General, national presidents, prime ministers, legislators, Nobel laureates, civil society and corporate leaders. As a matter of principle, we have also provided extensive guidance to grassroots organizations.

Our founder is Cemil Alyanak, who since 1977 has been rocking the proverbial communications boat both with his Communications and Perception Analysis model and with his very frank approach to analysis, optimization and origination: “Shy away from telling your client the raw truth and you will have made a friend for a day but an enemy for years when they realize that you gave them the wrong advice just to get on their good side.”

Our other analysts and partners are no less direct, that’s why they joined.


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