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Ghost visit

Retailers and service businesses rely on customer satisfaction for their success. One of the most important factors in customer satisfaction is a customer’s first contact with a space. Hotels know this, restaurants do too. Of course, all retailers depend upon first contact. Any space that relies on customers is dependent upon how good it feels to enter that space, how much that space reflects the company or organization’s values and what problems were averted by great layout, ergonomics and spatial sensory experience.

Communications and Perception Analysts are particularly well suited to Ghost visits. They are able to enter a space and discern the tinniest details including both space-related physical stimuli and staff professionalism, courtesy and competence.


This is, by far, the single most important word in communications and yet, few communicators live by it. At Excess Noise, it is our mantra, it is our obsession and it is our nexus. Everything we do, without exception, is seen through the lens of the decision maker’s goals. We often use a metaphor to… Continue Reading

Goals Analysis

We assume, at this point, that the decision maker has set goals. The question is, do the chosen goals satisfy the need, the internal and the greater good? Who validates the goals? Goals analysis is the communications and perception analysis procedure used to evaluate how effectively a message meets specific operational goals. Did the message… Continue Reading

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