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Hits Value Analysis

A hit value analysis generates a hit value report. Hits value analysis is the most recent addition to the communications analysis family. It derives its concept from the notion of web hits but it goes much further.

For years, marketers and communicators were content to evaluate impact with integers. “How many people did we reach?” was the favored question of clients and “Millions” was the favored answer. Both private and public sector communications has evolved enormously since those early communications days. Rightfully, now the emphasis is on the quality of the hit, or its value. We care more about stickiness and virality than about how many we have reached. We also want to know the transference potential of a message or brand; will it be associated with a single product, service or cause or can we take that message and transfer it horizontally or vertically?

This form of analysis required a rethink of the process. It required identifying targets quasi in real time and following their actions closely, preferably over a long period of time. Accomplishing this level of analysis can only occur with sufficient resources and the complicity of the communicator, decision maker and ultimately the targets themselves.

The usefulness of the hit value report lies in its ability to optimize a message as that message is being consumed, quasi in real time. For now, indeed, social media are a key instrument of measure but as new era communities develop, stickiness, virality and other criteria will evolve.

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