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Nikon is a brand of cameras. As it happens, it is the brand of choice for Cemil Alyanak, founder of Excess Noise and dedicated photographer. Admittedly, Cemil began his photo passion in 1967 with his father’s Minox. Then in 1976 he bought his first SLR, a Canon FTb. He would go through a Canon EF and two Canon F1 before finally, at the insistence of his then business partner Rodney Guerrier, moving on to Nikon and Hasselblad. Since then, he has owned Nikon F4 (which he used extensively in war zones such as Chechnya), F5, D1, D2X and D800. Of note, he had also dabbled in Nikon in the sixties using his father’s beloved Nikon F2 (heavy, solid and iconic!). On the Hasselblad side, Rodney and Cemil owned a variety of C-series bodies and lenses. Cemil will, he thinks, someday fall for a Hasselblad digital (or not, considering the impressive sensors in FX full frame bodies; to be continued…)

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