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Definitions for those who work in communications and perception


Selling, marketing, commerce, trade… all these and more refer to the act of preparing, pitching and making a sale. To some degree, every aspect of our lives is related to sales. We are constantly buying things. We are constantly considering whether or not to buy. And, though we don’t realize it, we are usually engaged in some form of selling too. We are selling ourselves through work, contracts. Trading in a car makes you a salesperson as well. As regards Communications and Perception Analysis, along with elections and a few others, sales is clearly one of the most useful areas for Analysis. We tend to decide to purchase based on need but we usually make our final selection based on desire. Desire is obviously a direct consequence of our emotions but also of our various cultural points of reference… imprinting. As with elections, the interference and effect filters are also very relevant to a purchase decision.

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