$75 Logo

$75 Logo

How about this as a response to this ad asking for a $75 logo in three days?

“Let me get this straight. You are starting a surgical group, I assume with the intent of making millions of dollars selling products that, for instance, are in the field of robotic surgery, implying that you must have some kind of start up capital, and you are asking for a ‘sleek, clean and professional’ logo and you want it in three days for $75. Did I read this right?”

Classified appearing in a web tech forum

Classified appearing in a web tech forum

This is exactly what’s wrong with the field of communications. I wonder how they would feel about us asking them for a robotic surgery whatever for about one twentieth of the market price.

I get it that not everyone can afford to spend a fortune when they are starting up, but I bet they’ll pay ten times as much for their office laser printer alone. Heck, even one of their new chairs — they do have to sit somewhere, don’t they? — will likely cost twice as much on sale at Staples or Office Depot.

Enough already. People, communications is a critical cornerstone of a business venture. It’s like having the world’s greatest chef working out of a greasy spoon diner at the last rest stop before the Mohave desert. Those who know me know my feelings towards this type of market and, admittedly, I’ve grown somewhat tolerant of it over the years because younger graphic artists need to make a living and break into the market and so if a $75 logo can help them out, why not.

Is there a solution? There is. It’s long term and I’m working on it but suffice it to say for now that we — communicators — who love this field need to educate peers, clients, professors, students and all those involved with the art that ours is a skill set that requires both knowledge and commensurate remuneration.

If you want to see the original ad, it’s here: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/75-for-medical-group-logo-design.2663929/

PS to the surgical group, here’s an alternative option: “Young, underfunded surgical group with great potential needs a great logo to get going. Can only pay meager amount today but willing to make up for it when we are successful. Will pay $75 today with a $10,000 bonus in 36 months subject to our reaching a pre-agreed sales target.”

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