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A new language

A new language

It took time but it’s here, but mainstream advertisements are finally speaking a modern language. They are speaking to their demographic in the language of that demographic, no matter how much it might offend the fringes of the demographic.

I am speaking of this Scope advertisement that shows us why youth would want to use Scope. Let’s face it, mouth hygiene is probably very low in the mind of teens and twenty somethings. If you’re going to get them to use Scope, you had better give them a good reason; it has to be a reason that speaks to them. Clearly, this photo shows such a situation; it shows a couple kissing. But this is no ordinary kiss. This is no sweet, discreet, first kiss. This is a passionate and exhibitionist kiss made in the midst of what is obviously a group moment of thrill.

To their credit, Scope could have used a more ‘next-generation’ friendly moment but instead. It would have been less raw. But to the now generation, it would have seemed tame and lame. What they see on YouTube and Instagram today makes this image acceptable but also borderline. Online imagery pushes the boundaries much farther as do the new wave of music videos. Gone is the hesitation of edginess; we’re only a few steps away from full frontal.

I’m not sure how much farther this will all go. I’m not sure how daring advertisers using mainstream media will go. But from one communicator to another, let me congratulate you for being genuine.

Scope advertisement that appeared in WIRED magazine

Scope advertisement that appeared in WIRED magazine

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