Bieber AP Breaking News

Bieber AP Breaking News

AP, sorry but you lost me. I have been a stalwart supporter of AP for as long as I have been in news, media and communications. Well, last night they lost me.

I was sitting at the World Affairs Council gala, listening to the keynote speaker General Dempsey, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I was engrossed in his vision of the world when my phone buzzed. I looked down only to see a BREAKING NEWS story from AP. Justin Bieber had fainted backstage in London. I repeat: Justin Bieber had fainted backstage in London. One more time: BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber had fainted backstage in London.

Must I elaborate on the reasons why I am on the verge of, myself, fainting? BREAKING NEWS: Newly retired Pope suffers indigestion and takes TUMS; Madonna screams at her hairdresser for using the wrong color; BMW will no longer make champagne beige colored sedans.

Our media institutions are failing us.

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Cemil Alyanak

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