CNN not always balanced

CNN not always balanced

Full disclosure, CNN is my usual news channel. It’s the one I find most neutral of the current, major five cable news channels (CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CNBC, Al Jazeera). However, I find what they just did to Governor Chris Christie wrong and unbalanced.

Chris Christie, possible 2016 presidential candidate, current Republican Governor of New Jersey, was shown on CNN ad infinitum during the early days of the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal. As you’ll recall, he was suspected of inciting the closure of multiple lanes on the George Washington Bridge, into New York city, for the purpose of retaliating against the local mayor (long story…). The immediate result was the firing of the two aides who had been suspected of the ploy. Regardless, Governor Chris Chirstie was suspected and most news channels (FOX excepted) covered it over and over.


Here’s my gripe. I just saw CNN announce, on New Day, as story two or three in a quick fire round, that the Democratic-led inquiry had turned up nothing. Chris Christie is exonerated. He knew nothing and in no way incited the lane closures. So, why is this just a tidbit? If you’re going to spend hours and hours and hours investigating, borderline implying his culpability, you’d think that he would deserve a louder pardon, no? I would have liked CNN to make this, if not as loud, at least louder. Christie, with whom I disagree on multiple political levels, still deserves fairness in the court of public opinion and this time, CNN, you got it wrong.

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