Empty school busses

Empty school busses

So, here I am trying to find solutions to the critical century; what impact do empty school busses have in this grand scheme?

School bus in our county

We need to improve system efficiencies.

I keep harping at systems. Our systems are flawed. They are bloated and stiff. We need systems that are, instead, streamlined and malleable. Only then will we keep up with fast changing chaotic social, fiscal, political and environment realities.

Back to my bus. School busses around the world cost too much. They are often empty or carry just a few students. The reason is simple. There are only two sizes of school bus: big and bigger. Take my daughter’s middle school. On any given day there are about thirty busses parked outside ready to take the students home. Some are filled to the brim while others are three quarters empty. The problem is that if you do the math, others have, the numbers do not add up: there is a deficit. Our busses are more on the empty than the full side. This is true in our county and in many others world wide.

Whatever happened to fuzzy thinking? With our computing power, is it not possible, every single day, to tailor the bus fleet and routes to the real number of children? To solve national deficit problems quickly, whether in the USA or in Greece, we should stop bickering about cuts and instead all focus on fixing systems that drain our economies of hard earned liquidity. Don’t cut, improve! I do realize that improvement will often result in cuts, but in other cases it might result in growth. The point is that we should change our criteria for change. It’s neither about revenue or expenditures: it’s about efficiencies. Got it?

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