Below is a self-evaluation quiz. It is a very concise exercise to help you determine, or better understand, the value of our work.

Note that this is not a test of your organization, your leadership or your knowledge. It is a means for you to reflect on fields of reflection that would favor your organization's chances of improving its external and internal perception.

The higher you score, the more you need Excess Noise. A lower score indicates that you're on the right track already.

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IMPORTANT: The questions and the answers to each question are in random order. They are purposely not placed in an order of best to worst or worst to best. Therefore, take the time to read each question and answer carefully.

1. Which organization likely has a better Communications Supply Chain (the means and methods to produce communications output and eventually generate perception)?

2. Broadly speaking, over the past five years (or since your inception, if your organization is less than five years old) has your image...

3. Is it important to establish goals just for the organization or for each individual message as well?

4. According to you, is your staff's perception or image of your organization...
5. Is the head of communications of an organization well placed to evaluate the organization's perception or image?
6. Is a service or product offering affected by its environment or does it succeed on its merit alone?

7. Media coverage of your leaders is generally...

8. Is the decision maker of an organization best placed to evaluate the organization's perception or image?

9. Does an organization need someone that is singularly charged with image and perception control?

10. Is it best to fix perception problems...

11. Have you recently conducted either a customer or stakeholder survey?

12. Do you believe that external perception impacts staff performance and/or morale?

13. Does people's culture, or imprinting, affect their perception of an organization or is perception based exclusively on present parameters?

14. Media coverage of your organization is generally...

15. In your opinion, generally speaking, how much do leaders' image impact the success of the offer/service/product?
16. In your opinion, is your organization's perception or image...

17. Regarding your general offer/service/product, is your organization's perception or image...

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