Fight homophobia campaign

Fight homophobia campaign

Today’s the International Day Against Homophobia (actually, it’s tomorrow but my calendar says today so I guess we’ll make it last two days!). This is the official website and this is their campaign poster for 2013.

There are many things I really like about this poster. The graphics are good: the color is stark, the contrast is stark, the top slogan is stark. I did not say excellent because two things do not work, the slogan under the image and the footer with enough logos to open a logo shop. Both are lost and confusing. They are noise. In fact, my eye stops just below the virus and goes back up. There’s too much to digest below.

What I like the most is the courage behind the poster. The organization has the courage to use that which is most negatively associated with homosexuality, and then turn it around with assurance and pride. Homosexuality is about much much more than HIV and yet that’s what too many people associate with being gay. The fact that the gay community would have the courage to use the virus as a symbol for this campaign shows how far they’ve come. They are comfortable enough in their skin to turn the stigma unto itself. It’s as though an African-American campaign had chains and shackles or an immigration poster had illicit farm workers. You know you have arrived when you rise above the stigma and use it against those who have labelled you with it in the first place.

Back to the campaign. Its fundamental message rings right. Regardless of data, which I hope the campaign has to corroborate extensive online homophobia, the message conveys conviction. There is online homophobia and we shall end it. From a communications standpoint, this poster ranks a ±7/10. As for the message itself, clearly, fighting homophobia, online or real world, ranks a 10/10! Yes, tolerance is the best medicine for a critical century.

Last thing, I ENCOURAGE YOU to visit their ‘past posters’ page here. Excellent ones!!


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