Idealism vs. bunker food

Idealism vs. bunker food

As I listen to various politicians present their vision for the future, an image comes to mind, that of an all-you-can-eat buffet vs. food in a WWII bunker.

Much of the political rhetoric revolves around ideal visions of the future. Communists defend the ideals of Marx and others. Socialists have their heros. Capitalists praise deregulated enterprise. The far right imagines a world in which borders are made impenetrable. Whichever is your choice think of this, in times of crisis, the ideal scenario can never come to pass, so stop promising it. In times of crisis you might dream of the banquet but you eat the last sardine in the last can as though it were your wedding cake. A world without taxes is magnificent, if governments can run on air. At the other end of the spectrum, a perfectly equitable society is wonderful, if you can factor out human nature.

I want to hear political solutions that are as pragmatic as a key in a keyhole. We need precise solutions that take into account the factual realities. In fact, it might be a good idea for incumbents to bring candidates into their inner circle for a few days. Let them see what the truth looks like behind the curtain of promises.

My call goes out to Governor Romney and President Obama both. I think the American public and the whole world want to hear what you plan for the next four years. We want to see the workplan, not the vision, not the campaign hyperbole and definitely not the endless personality attacks. Build scenarios and present them. Here’s what we can do. For one month, leave us alone. Stop campaigning. Go back to your respective back rooms and hatch THE plan. Then, come back to us and present it. We ask for a few weeks to study it all at which point we will give you feedback. Another month to amend the plan and then present us with a fresh version. Then we vote.

Back to my Alice in Wonderland book.

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Cemil Alyanak

Communicator. Perception analyst. Filmmaker. Photographer. Senior Policy Advisor. Amateur Radio Operator. Military officer. Pilot. Adventure biker. Husband and dad.

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