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International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Tomorrow is International Museum Day. This got me thinking about how detached we have become from our past, from our friends and from our community. In days of yore, pre-internet, Sunday was often a day for going out with the family in search of some hidden city gem. We might go to the zoo or to the museum. Instead, today we might choose to binge on a Netflix series or spend our day surfing the web.

Let’s get out!

Another sad reality of today’s urban environment is the lack of children in the streets. As parents we are scared and discourage them from just hanging out. What’s more, they frankly would rather chat online than hit a tennis ball against a wall. Boy did I hit lots of tennis balls.

Let’s get out!

Actually, that’s a great idea. Let me stop typing and get outside! I’m sure I can find at least one museum in Washington DC!

As of today, the Smithsonian Institute manages 19 museums in Washington DC; all are worth visiting.

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