Product ingredients

Product ingredients

Do you want to reverse climate change? Put ingredients on every product. I’m not talking food, I’m talking products like cars, phones, clothes, furniture and all the other things we buy; that includes all the eco-friendly stuff.


If people realized what went into building their goodies they might think twice about their impact on the environment. Think of something as small as a phone. Think of all the raw materials, many of them dangerous and rare. Think of those materials being extracted then being refined then being shipped to multiple plants for further work. Imagine those big plants with their smokestacks. Imagine the quantity of vehicles and ships needed to move all this stuff around. Imagine all the raw materials and processing needed to build the plants too. Think trees and packaging. Think waste too.

We need to put impact on packaging!

So yes, ingredients on our food is good. Now let’s put ingredients on our ‘stuff’.

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Cemil Alyanak

Communicator. Perception analyst. Filmmaker. Photographer. Senior Policy Advisor. Amateur Radio Operator. Military officer. Pilot. Adventure biker. Husband and dad.

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