Royal wedding coverage

Royal wedding coverage

I love a wedding. I love relationships that make our lives better. I am happy for Prince William and Kate Middleton. I am just a little envious…

No, I am not envious of Prince William, on that front I am fortunate. I am envious of the type of coverage they are receiving. Predictions are that their wedding will be watched by millions, if not billions, of people worldwide. The phrases “wedding of the century”, “fairy tale”, “the good news we’ve all been waiting for” are being repeated by every newscaster on site.

Indeed, have you seen how many newscasters are present? Every network, every station, almost every blog has a presence. In fact, the television stations all seem to be in front of Westminster Abbey. How did they all get fit in?

But back to my envy. My envy is regarding the coverage because I wish every time we had to announce an Earth shattering discovery or action, we would get 1% of their coverage. In today’s public interest arena, getting genuine media coverage requires tragedy or drama of the highest order. Announcements, no matter how momentous, get no visibility.

As I watch the coverage, right now, the rolling out of the red carpet is being treated as though it was about to change the course of history. Again, I am so happy for them and I understand that millions want to watch. I just wish we could find a happy medium so that those who need coverage to save lives, to protect the environment or to ensure our children grow up in a safe and secure world, get it as well.

On the flip side, there is a movement to block royal wedding coverage. Most of the negative attitudes admittedly come from new media commentators who like to simply complain. In all fairness, though, some mainstream media are reducing their coverage as well. Most are doing so because of the devastation from tornados in the Southern US states, others are saving money but some are definitely not attaching the hysteria of those who have sent their biggest stars.

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