Simple but smart promo

Simple but smart promo

In a world of continuous advertising and marketing promotions, it is difficult to grab our attention. Non-stop we receive countless promotional pitches, discounts and gimmicks. 20%, 50%, even 90% off the retail price, they promise. We get points and miles just for opening the door or filling out a raffle.

I just received a promotional email from Dunkin’ Donuts that caught my eye. It did so because what it asked me to do seemed simple, relevant and actually honest. They’re asking me to come by and make a purchase after 2PM to receive an additional number of bonus points which ultimately lead to a free something. I don’t care what the free something is, for the purposes of this post, but I do care about the after 2PM aspect.

Anyone who knows Dunkin’ Donuts understands that they must make most of their money in the morning. Donuts and muffins are clearly a breakfast thing. Morning coffee break seems like another likely time to have traffic. We can also imagine that with their sandwiches, they do business at lunch. But then, after 2PM, it’s obvious they’re quiet. So, asking me to come during their quiet time seems honest. They’re telling me: “Hey Cemil, after 2PM we’re quiet. Help us out with your visit and we’ll help you out with extra points.”

I just think it works to sound sincere and this one does.

A Dunkin' Donuts promotional email I received today.

A Dunkin’ Donuts promotional email I received today.

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