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International Museum Day

Tomorrow is International Museum Day. This got me thinking about how detached we have become from our past, from our friends and from our community. In days of yore, pre-internet, Sunday was often a day for going out with the family in search of some hidden city gem. We might go to the zoo or to…

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I smell revolt

The fast food employees are on strike to increase their minimum wage of just above $7 an hour. McDonald’s made $5.5 billion in profit. What’s wrong with this picture? You might say that disparity is an economic driver. You might say that for centuries we have had a scale of success in our democratic societies…

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Scream, whine, give up or act?

As the new year begins, if we take an honest look around the globe, we will see much good and much bad. I’m not sure which is winning. On the good side, daily, there are close to 500,000 children born, many in good health, people are loving one another, helping one another, earning an honest…

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It's not about winning

America is in the throws of its quadrennial presidential campaign. And, as it has been for two hundred years, one camp is all about winning. It’s not about winning in the winning of the votes sense, it’s winning in the ‘we shall prevail because we believe in the winning spirit.’ This is a critical century.…

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Smart is great

I think we can all agree that smart thinking is needed to solve our world’s problems. In a world of crisis, however, it is sometimes difficult to believe that smart thinking gets the upper hand. It’s sometimes easier to believe that great ideas get buried under the weight of administrative bottlenecks, political priorities or funding…

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