Thank you CVS!

Thank you CVS!

Give credit where credit is due. CVS has become the first US national drugstore chain to kick the habit. Gone are cigarettes from all of its stores and we’re talking lots of stores. Now, instead of cigarettes and other tobacco behind the counter, you’ll see, among other things, tobacco cessation aids.

Clearly, the tobacco battle seems to be won in the US. There is still a bit of marching to do but when you look at the data, smoking is down in all age and gender categories. Now we have to look out for what the tobacco giants will do to continue making money despite this.

We know what they are doing abroad. Go to Africa, India and other major foreign markets and you will find big tobacco actively seducing the youngest among them. You will see them going after women with a vengeance. You will see them advertising and marketing with bottomless pockets.

In the US, it’s time for electronic cigarettes that do, remember, contain nicotine and other chemicals.

For now, just a quick hats off to CVS. You already had my business but you know what, maybe I’ll just go over there today and buy something I don’t really even need, just to show you my appreciation.

CVS anti tobacco

Congratulations to CVS, the first national drugstore chain in the US to drop all tobacco sales.

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