The perfect alliance

The perfect alliance

This is NOT a political statement. This is NOT a historical reassessment. This IS an economic analysis.

There, now that I’ve laid the groundwork, I’ll get right to the point: Imagine if Germany and Israel became economic allies! It struck me that the two countries in Eurasia that have consistently performed, economically speaking, are Germany and Israel. Both are their regional economic powerhouses. I have no idea where this came from. I have no inkling as to the historical roots of their success. But I do know that this is a perfect example of where two cultures, once separated by hate, could potentially come together in a joint effort of innovation and investment.

Let’s bring this home to the USA. Who should we be allied with? Should we try to get closer to China? Is Russia the unusual suspect? How about the muslim world? Maybe we should create a joint venture with the UK? Actually, I do have an idea.

My idea is to renew a common purpose among nations [SIC]. For those who know the meaning of ‘sic’ you are now choking on your laughter. I know, I must be stoned on DC air. But what if we led by example? What if two nations such as Germany and Israel built genuine bonds, not just basic trace but collaborative economic development? I’m convinced that they could make it work. Both are diligent and innovative. Yes, they could do wonders. And, their unlikely union, could spawn further unions. India and Pakistan, together, could own the Asian market.

I’m not going to flog this topic further. I’m going to let you think it through. I’m going to let you discover that this is not new. Renault and Nissan made it work. Maybe nations can too?

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