On a scale of one to ten, how important are your clients or stakeholders?


Clients and stakeholders are an organization's top priority, so how they interact with the organization, its spaces, its products, its services or its people is critical.  Our added value is an understanding how clients and stakeholders perceive and interact with an organization and its various components.

We can tell you how they perceive you. We can help you understand the mechanics of their interaction. We can also decipher people's behavior within a space or during contacts with any aspect of your organization.

Think of us as an objective third party who will not be afraid to tell you the truth about your image, both broadly and specifically.

Our Expertise

Communications and Perception Analysis

The broader knowledge base that informs perception analysis, ergonomics and behaviorism


We examine how people perceive a leader, product, service or any other  message.


How study how people interact with or use objects or move through spaces.


We observe how people's behavior is a window into their intent.


We master several aspects of communications production.

Our Foundations


Our perception analyses are firmly rooted in our proprietary Communications and Perception Analysis methods which we have been developing since 1977.

Our tested expertise in ergonomics provides insight into human interaction with both objects and spaces.

Using behaviorism theories and observation, we are able to decipher people's intent based on their actions and interactions


Leaders and staff are too close to their own actions. Despite the best intentions, their analysis is biased. As an external third party, Excess Noise fine tunes interactions objectively.


Gone are the days of producing 200-page reports because that's what defined the value of the output. Excess Noise delivers verifiable evidence, necessary interpretation and relevant recommendations concisely.

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If you would like discuss how Perception Analysis can help you steer your corporate or institutional image and communications strategy, ask to consult with an Excess Noise analyst or research fellow.

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