It's easy to know when someone is happy or sad, what about everything in between?


Behaviorism has consistently evolved since its early formal days over a century ago. Armed with the right knowledge and a good dose of savvy observational skills, a Behaviorism specialist can decipher the nuances of human behavior.

Observational Behaviorism is critical to all forms of business, politics and public interest ventures. The ability to translate people's behavior into its intent or anticipatory meaning is crucial to improving results.

The minute details are what matter most. It is relatively easy to know when someone is overtly upset. Or is it? One can be upset because of fear, because of jealousy or out of vengeance. Behaviorism's strength lies in the ability to decipher intent or anticipation not through psychological interpretation but rather by refined observation of the physical signs.

Excess Noise finds Behaviorism techniques especially useful when time is of the essence, when there is little time to inquire further. Sometimes, you just can't ask questions. Sometimes you cannot get to know the person to understand what they intend or anticipate. Obviously, security or emergency situations are just such scenarios. When trying to decipher who has ill-intent, minute details matter.

Another urgent scenario is that of a negotiation. Negotiations are made or lost based on a keen sense of observation. To this end, Excess Noise analysts have been called upon to participate in negotiations for the sole purpose of observing the opposing party.

Is Behaviorism a science or an intuition? It would be disingenuous to claim either. Not all behavior can be pulled from a behavior inventory. Conversely, instincts alone can be insufficient. It takes both. It takes years of training and learning behavioral symbolism. It also takes a sense. For this reason, not all those who study Behaviorism succeed.

We believe we have both.

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