Improve Your Perception Analysis Skills

Discover methods used by communications and perception analysts to improve how people perceive you, your company, your organization, your products, your services, your philanthropy or anything else that influences their actions.

Since 1977, we have passionately developed our own communications theories and methods. In the very early days we felt the need to keep our approach to ourselves but then, in the mid nineties, we decided to publish our Overview of Communications and Perception Analysis and for twelve years, until 2007, we shared our knowledge freely with the goal of elevating the field of communications. Then, deluged by the promise of the digital revolution, people — we admit — stopped listening. The new buzz became social media, Google Analytics, email blasts, mobile and anything else that leveraged new technologies.

Apparently, we are back in vogue. Communicators want to hear us once again. Being online, though critical, is no longer seen as the one-stop solution. So, by popular demand, we are back, but better. We have taken the original concept that our followers latched on to in the eighties and nineties, and infused it with all that's right and wrong with the digital revolution.

The result is our new conference series:



The free two-hour introductory lecture to Communications and Perception Analysis includes everything we know; we hide nothing. Granted, it is an overview, you cannot jam 30 years of research into 120 minutes, but attendance is enough to walk away with an initial understanding of communications and perception analysis. There are options for those who wish to push their knowledge further.

conference-bullseyeThe conferences are held at the National Press Club in Washington DC and are limited to ten people per session.

Would you like to know more? We will gladly send you an outline of the conference as well as upcoming dates. Just contact us {contact form below} telling us about your interest in communications and where you work.

Please note that this is an advanced conference tailored to senior management.

For those coming from out of town, there are several hotels nearby, including the Marriott Pennsylvania Avenue on the same block as the National Press Club.

Lab Session

Immediately following the free morning conference, you may choose to spend the next five hours immersed in a challenging Communications and Perception Analysis Lab Session during which we will jointly engage in actual analyses. The group — including faculty — will also take a look at communications tools of your choosing thus giving you a de facto mini analysis.

There is no need to register for this Lab Session. You will decide whether to attend at the end of the free, two-hour introductory conference. If you do stay, we will simply swipe your credit card {pricing is based on organization size; it ranges from $0 to $500}.

This lab session is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the techniques of objective Communications and Perception Analysis while in the presence of an experienced analyst. You will look at and analyze multiple levels in the communications sphere including branding, consumer goods, physical spaces and individual image. What you learn applies equally to profit and not-for-profit professionals.


Some want to take our knowledge and share it with their entire organization. Indeed, Communications and Perception Analysis knowledge is a valuable addition to staff skill sets. For these companies and institutions, we offer a one or two day retreat {there are two different curricula to choose from}. The outcome is staff who better understand how they, and the work they produce, is perceived.

We encourage mixing senior staff with those within general staff whose success is dependent on either communications or stakeholder perception.

The retreat can be held in premises nearby the client's facility or in an external, even distant environment to be simultaneously used for staff motivation.

You will benefit

The truth is that communications impact has dropped. Using both internal and external metrics, we see a serious degradation of the probability of significance; the chances of influencing someone's decision has been steadily eroded in the past fifty years. Yes, you reach more people, faster and with greater repetition than ever before, but decades ago there was a greater probability of measured follow up action.

We have the missing key. We have what it takes to leverage modern communications technology with fundamental messaging built on sound strategy and we're glad to share it with you. That is our unique selling proposition. So, if you care as much about having impact as we do, spare the 120 minutes and come listen to what we have to say.

Find out more

If you would like discuss how Perception Analysis can help you steer your corporate or institutional image and communications strategy, ask to consult with an Excess Noise analyst or research fellow.

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