World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

I’m a vegan. I did not become a vegan for ethical reasons. Now I am a vegan for ethical reasons. I am also a vegan for scientific reasons.

Ethically, go to a slaughterhouse, look at cattle being transported, look at a deep ocean trawler bringing in the nets and you too will become ethically vegan. How couldn’t you? It is simply cruel. We are cruel.

But now I am also a scientific vegan. I became so when I had the opportunity of moderating a panel with Rajendra Pachauri of the IPCC. His data was astounding. He attributed over 50% of climate change to the meat supply chain. Frankly, I did not believe him. It sounded too far fetched. Since, I have done my own research and indeed, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of data corroborating that the entire effort of getting meat from fetus to feast is enormously carbon intensive. I could cite the data, instead I’ll let you be as surprised as me and do your own research. If you disagree with me, please do say so and show me the opposing data. If you do discover that I/we are right, then the question begs: what do we do about it? Do we campaign? Do we mobilize and attempt a boycott? Do we try to convert our family members and friends? The problem is that the battle seems to be a losing one right from the start. Think about it, we have not won the battle against an obvious enemy: tobacco! How will we win against meat? Most of you likely eat meat. Worse, you likely enjoy meat. How can I ask you to give up a tournedos, sirloin steak or a hamburger fresh off the barbecue?

And if we do decide to go for it, to start making an effort to make this world vegan, can we plan to do so in one year, five years or a full century? I cannot imagine making this world vegan, or even vegetarian, in my lifetime. This is so frustrating. Then again… maybe… if only… (it’s nice to dream, it’s better to plan!)

PS. Don’t forget, 1 November = World Vegan Day!

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Cemil Alyanak

Communicator. Perception analyst. Filmmaker. Photographer. Senior Policy Advisor. Amateur Radio Operator. Military officer. Pilot. Adventure biker. Husband and dad.

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